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Poodle Cut Family
Midnight Fall 2009 to April 6, 2013 Midnight came to the shop by way of a young lady who saved three Standard poodles from a backyard breeder who was just tired of raising dogs.  All 3 dogs were in very bad shape and had not been groomed I am sure in over two years. After a full shave from nose to tail, all three still looked pitiful to say the least. I felt sorry for them and the young lady who brought them in, so I offered to help her find homes for them if she wanted me to. I told her I would keep the youngest one (she was about 1 ½ to 2 years old). She was young, sad, scared, skinny and black.  Although she wanted to be petted, she was so very scared and pee’d every time I touched her. I thought bringing her to the shop would allow her to get use to noise and people and being inside. She was even scared when I turned on lights or saw a TV. So I kept her in a open type pen in the back of the shop for about two weeks until my son needed the pen for a litter he had. To my amazement, Midnight came in each day and went right to that spot in the back of the shop and stayed there all day till it was time to go home. (You see, I have this thing about loose dogs running around the shop. I think it is not safe for your dog, my dog or the clients) yet I never had a problem with her leaving her spot till all the clients grew to know and love her. I did not want a dog at my house and had not had a dog for 10 years. Now hear me out. I trained, showed and raised dogs for over 20 years and have been working on pets for over 30 years, I LOVE DOGS! I just wanted a break at home from the noise and the dog hair. AND remember she was a pee’er.  I placed her in another home for a trial weekend but they brought her back because their other dogs did not like her.  Wow, I am so thankful she was brought back to me. Trying to build up her confidence, I did some simple obedience training on her. (I had trained and titled several of my own dogs and did training for many years prior), however I have NEVER trained a dog who was so quick to learn and so happy to please. As her confidence and willingness to please increased, she became a great pet to have in the house and at the time I had a grandchild living with me who loved to play rough with Midnight. Midnight would play and play and sound ferocious, but never get mean. One of her favorite thing was to lay at my feet and clean my toes, I know that sounds gross, but gosh it felt really good!  Midnight was very thorough. I even had friends that came over , kicked off their shoes and called Midnight. Gross, I know but this is her story. She became my best bud and walking partner and even my bed buddy and I never had dogs sleep in my bed before her. She was very considerate of my bed rights by staying at the foot of the bed, on her side and whenever I moved or touched her, she would scooted out of my way.  First thing in the morning she would quietly crawl up next to me and put one paw on  my tummy and then her head would rest on my chest.  Once she thought she had my attention, she would pop her head up, wag her tail as if to say, “Time to get up, mom. Time to get up!”  So get up we did.  I opened the door, she ran outside and sat.  That’s right, she sat.  And she would sit looking for squirrels for 30 minutes until I called her in or told her to go squat.  Yes, she would even pee on command!  It’s true!  And she knew never to leave my acre and one half unfenced yard.  She really was a great dog!  The last day of her life was a great day.  Midnight, myself and 3 of my grandchildren went hiking at Tanyard Creek. She ran and played and was even introduced to other children who loved her kisses and her puffy top knot.  We got home that day about 7:00 PM, Midnight went into the house and I went to mow the grass.  I came in about 7:30 and started cooking dinner.  Just about the time I was done Midnight jumped up ran outside but this time she laid down on the grass and whimpered. I knew something was wrong but I did not know what.  Did she get a snake bite? Did she get sick from drinking creek water? Did she have a tummy ache.  I called her in and she went to her bed in the living room, shifting and whining, as if she were hurting.  I felt her all over, looking for something, but not finding anything.  She ran outside again as if she wanted to get away from everything.  I took my dinner outside, hooked her on a leash and watched her.  After about 30 minutes of her shifting and laying down, I noticed her tummy swelling.  By now, it was about 9:30 or so and I knew I had to take her to a vet.  Emergency vet in Springdale.  I made a call to make sure they were there.  Good thing I did as they had changed locations. I walked into the office and said, “Went to the creek.  It could be snake bite, spider bite or bacteria from the water.  But I think it is bloat because she is in a lot of pain and her stomach is swollen. So take an x-ray first.” They put me in an exam room and took her to take the x-ray and I waited.  The vet came back to me with x-ray in hand showing me that yes, indeed it was bloat and that it was the worst kind to have.  Her tummy had flipped or twisted liken to a twisted balloon. This causes circulation to cease to vitals organs and gas leakage out of her stomach.  Chances of recovery after surgery are 50/50.  Chances of infection and damaged stomach tissue are highly probable and would need future additional surgeries.  The probability of Midnight suffering with a high chance of negative results led to the unexpected and quick decision of having her euthanized.  Boy, was I not ready for that one!  I was not going to put myself though the pain of watching her go, but after a little thought, I realized she deserved to be told what a good girl she was and I wanted that to be the last thing she heard.  So as she was going under, I told her we had a great 4 years together and she was the best dog I had ever had.  And just before she closed her eyes I said,  “What a good girl you are!”  I hope good dogs go to heaven.
In MEMORY OF Midnight
Midnight Hey Lady's Eat Your Hearts Out, I'm Beautiful And I Know It! Hey Lady's Eat Your Hearts Out, I'm Beautiful And I Know It!