Pet Grooming....average $36.25 - $42.25 Large Breed Grooming....$68.25 & Up Grooming includes: Ear cleaning, nail trim, bath, style and cut Baths....$22.25/up according to size Flea Treatment....$8.00 + bath charge Teeth Brushing....$8.00 Teeth Scaling....$14.00 Nail Trim/File....$10.00 Glands...$3.00 Shedless Treatment....$20.00/up + bath charge Nails polished....$1.00 (per foot) Medicated baths....$8.00 Ear Hair Pulled....$3.00 In & Out Fee....$10.00 Mini Spa Package... $14.00 Grooming Mini Spa includes Ear hair pulled with Peppermint ear massage, teeth brushing, nails cut and filed, fancy bows and perfume for just $14. Teeth Brushing will help keep your dogs dental health in good condition as well a fresher breath, and is included in our mini spa pet grooming experience or can be Ala Carte. Having your dogs nails cut is always best for your dog but getting them filed is best for you, this helps to eliminate scraches from the rough cut. INFORMATION AND POLICIES Thank you for visiting our website! We will love your pets as much as you do and strive to make them as happy and comfortable as possible while in our care. We love what we do and with the ever-changing industry, we attend trade shows regularly to keep up with the trends and continue our pet grooming education. Here are a few bits of information about us and we hope to hear from you soon. HOURS Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8-5 First and Third Saturday of each month 9-5. TIME SCHEDULE We have 2 drop-off times 8-8:30 and 11:30-12:30 during the week. We do this in order to get all of your pets in at once so that we can concentrate on getting them finished without any interruptions. On Saturdays, the drop-off time is 9am. We will then call you as soon as your pet is ready to be picked up. Closing time is at 5 or before if we are done early for the day. We ask that you please wait for our call before coming back so that the pets can stay calm, peaceful and undisturbed while we are working on them. POTTY STOPS We have a designated potty area just behind and to the side of the building. For their comfort please, walk your dog before coming in. They will be in their "bedroom" and won't have the chance to go potty. DEMATTING A dematting fee will be added to your grooming charge if your dog is matted This charge is based on the "extra" time we spend getting your dog prepared to be groomed. You may avoid this charge by keeping your dog brushed and combed between grooms (the first 15 minutes are on us - a heavily matted pet will be shaved). FLEAS In order to maintain a flea-free shop, we must give all dogs with fleas a flea bath. This is an herbal bath which naturally kills all fleas on your dog and keeps them from infesting the salon or other dogs. The flea bath will kill the fleas on your dog at that time, but will not continue killing them. You should treat your house and your yard in order to keep them from infesting your dog again.
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